Haiku in Europe and Japan Today
Haiku Symposium at Brussels,Belgium January 24,2014
Commemorating the Twenty-fifth Aniversary of foundation of HIA
Venue: Swedish Permanent Delegation to European Union
1. Keynote Speech:"Haiku in Europe" by Herman Van Rompuy (President of the European Council)
2. Session Chair: Willy Vande Walle (a Belgian academic, author, Japanologist and Sinologist)
3. "Haiku in German-speaking Countries" by Klaus-Dieter Wirth
4. "Haiku in Sweden" by Lars Vargo(Swedish Ambassador to Japan)
5. "Japanese Prespectives on Haiku Today" by Akito Arima (HIA President,Japan)
6. "Haiku on the Fringe of Dutch Literature" by Max Verhart
7. "The Impact of Haiku on British Society Today" by David Cobb
8. "Haiku in France" by Alain Kervern
Instituto Giapponese de Cultura in Roma, Italy January 26,2014
We visited the winery(Castello di Ama) which made "haiku wine".
The haiku gathering was also enjoyed following the dinner party.
We visited the restaurant"Locanda" in the vineyard in the Milan suburbs. There was Shiki Masaoka's haiku carved by the stone in the entrance. Other three authors' haiku were written to the window.
We walked along the town of Brussels and Rome for making haiku.

I am very happy that the haiku has spread also in various language in the world.
Thank you to the haiku Lovers!!