Momoyo Nishimura
is a Japanese graphic designer.
She graduated from the department of design
at Joshibi University of Art and Design,
an established university in Tokyo
with over one hundred years of history.
Whilst she was a student,she spent a year in Mexico
as an exchange student and studied interior design.

After returning to Japan, she was given the
opportunity to design Japanese teaching materials
for The Japan Foundation.
Since, she has created corporate identities of
various enterprises and has designed
more than 100 Japanese culture books
during her career of 35 years.

From 2005 to 2010, , she opened her own
culture studio near the Imperial Palace called
Nihon-no-Kaze (Japanese Breeze)"
to promote the understanding of Japanese culture.
Here, various easy-to-understand culture classes
are being held for international people
wanting to learn more about Japan.
Her lectures on Japanese culture and the Edo Period
have been held in Japanese schools, municipalities
and enterprises as well.

In 2009, she create new Japanese culture
Fudegraphy"for them and many artists.
Fude means a brash.
Fudegraphy is a new type of word art.
That is to write western-style characters
with eastern-style pen.

Then she promote "Fudegraphy" overseas.
England in 2011, USA in 2012,
Australia and New Zealand in 2013.

From 2011, she created 7 e-books for iPhone
and 10 e-books for Amazon Kindle.