Enjoy Haiku from the memo note
using Fudegraphy and Haiga painting by Momo Nishimura
I enjoy haiku at the Meguro International Haiku Circle (MIHC) and I am the member of
the Haiku International Association (HIA).
I drew my haiku poems
on the Japanese traditional note .
The short trip to the world heritage "the Kumano Old Path" at Wakayama prefecture
Sand flies from the continent
because of desertification of the latest China.
The autumn scenery of the moat of the Imperial Palace
On the day of the Ume (plum) festival at Kitano shrine which built at the Edo period
There is the song which composed rape blossoms
in Japan. The title is hazy moon.
After the great earthquake on March 11.......
We missed the festival day. We found the one flower outside the yard.
On the day following the snowy day
The cataract got worse suddenly and my eyes have disappeared only the light.
Housing site increased and raccoon dogs comes food for search even to a city.
Since went out late on the long summer day, the morning-glory market began to finish.
On the way back to our home, we visited the temple and entered the main hall.
Although it is autumn,since it was still hot,we ate the shaved ice.
The Hyakka-en garden madeat the Edo period are famousfor a bushclover, called "Hagi".
The Sawara town at Chiba prefecture prospered as a key point of waterwayat the Edo perio. Recently, the street scene of those days has revived by the efforts of town people.
The small stone statue is in the neighborhood.
Although overlooked, this was the branch road in old days.
It was not visible, but we understood there were many people even from a distance.