Fudegraphy workshop in Sydney, Australia
February 21, 2013 at Mitsui & Co.(Australia.), Inc.

Three Japanese cultures' workshop
1 Fude (oriental brush)
 2 Washi (traditional Japanese handmade paper)
 3 Japanese proverbs (Iroha karta)

Fudegraphy Exhibition and workshop
in Auckland, NewZealand

February 25, 2013 at Japan Day

Japanese Songsー
Impressions of this travel

The 1st time of the trip that introduces Fudegraphy to overseas was Britain, and the 2nd time was the U.S. And we went to Australia and New Zealand this year of the finish of three years' plan.
It was climax for 12th Japan day by 30,000 visitors at Auckland.
On the next day's night, we were invited to the recreation feast of Japanese Consulate. We met two bonsai artists at the party.
They said there are 13 groups of bonsai here. On Japan day, we saw some shop owners who sell Japanese swords and antique. Moreover, we also met the young men who strikes the Japanese big drum to an event.
By this trip, now, I realized there are also many overseas persons
as a bearer of Japanese culture !
at the garden party of Japanese Consulate